Meet the Doctor

piccDr. Adam Maddox was born in Maryland and raised on the east coast. He attended Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. After suffering an athletic injury, which ended his college basketball career, Dr. Maddox experienced first hand the benefits of Chiropractic Care.

Dr. Maddox then attended Logan College of Chiropractic, in St. Louis Missouri. Where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

After graduation in 2006, Dr. Maddox’s passion for spinal rehabilitation led to his post-doctoral fellowship with the most published, researched scientific approach today: Clinical Bio-Physics(CBP).  Dr. Maddox is one of only three chiropractors in the state of Maryland that is Advance Certified in this technique (CBP), which provides lasting spinal correction and a safe effective alternative to surgery.

As well as keeping up with the latest research, Dr. Maddox is an accomplished researcher whose work has been published in the peer reviewed, Journal of Chiropractic Medicine and Journal of Pediatric, Maternal and Family Health.He is also a member of the Maryland Chiropractic Association(MCA) and the International Chiropractic Association(ICA).

When not working at Ideal Health Chiropractic, Dr. Adam Maddox, enjoys spending time within the community. He freely donates his time to local schools, health organizations, and businesses. When not practicing chiropractic, Dr. Maddox enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle, relinquishing himself to weekend warrior status. You’ll often find Dr. Maddox on the trails hiking or mountain biking or on the courts looking for a pick up game. Dr. Maddox also enjoys participating in half marathons and obstacle course races such as Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash.