When it comes to chiropractic care, Dr. Adam made a believer out of me. When I first met Dr. Adam, I had been suffering from headaches and shoulder pains. I have scoliosis, which plays a big part into the shoulder and neck pain. I am very happy to say that I have been headache free for a year. Now here comes the really cool part, I am happy to say that my neck posture is almost “perfect” and the curve in my spine has decreased by 11 degrees! Dr. Adam really opened my eyes to the chiropractic world. Dr. Adam is willing to take the time to explain the process to you. He makes sure you are comfortable with the treatment, each piece of equipment, and is always willing to tell you what those weird “popping” noises are when you get adjusted. He is invested in your care and plans out a treatment schedule that is best for you. He really caters to the needs of his patients.

 – Sarah Boynton

Dr. Adam is the best. I’ve had a stiff neck for years and he has helped give me better mobility and less discomfort. Highly recommend . Give Ideal Health a call!!

 – Lynne Degen

What a great mix of technology and traditional approaches! A personalized care plan coupled with friendly staff make this a great place to receive chiropractic care.

 – Karen Starliper

I came in with significant neck pain and frequent severe headaches, and Dr. Adam did a phenomenal job in eliminating the frequency and severity of my pain and discomfort. From the moment Dr. Adam took my initial x-rays, through the development of my treatment plan, and the implementation of my regular care, Dr. Adam demonstrated extraordinary compassion and skill in helping me feel like my “old self.” I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am that Dr. Adam not only treated the symptoms that I came in with, but also helped me correct the underlying structural problems that he identified. In a work, Dr. Adam’s treatment was miraculous, and I am a fan of chiropractic care for life. Thank YOU!!

 – Bill Cook

I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Adam; for I know, I will walk away well attended and knowing my body is improving.

 – Sam Degen

I have not experienced any recurring headaches since the start of my treatments. 

 – Charolotte Lusby

Being a police officer, my gun belt alone has caused pain in my lower back.  I also noticed that I was having consistent headaches.  Dr. Maddox addressed a scoliosis issue he diagnosed from x-rays and set up a treatment program for me.  It has been around two months and I have noticed a significant improvement.  My back pain only bothers me when I have missed a session.  I almost had forgotten what it felt like to be pain free. My treatments have also reduced my headaches tremendously.  I haven’t felt this good in a long time.      

 – Jennifer Hupp  

I have to say I feel so much better since I started my visits with Dr. Maddox.  I can not believe I put off making an appointment for so long.  I could hardly walk some days.  As I am getting older I realize how important it is to address ones aches and pains.  After my treatments I feel great.  I am a patient for life!       

 – Janet Kohajda       

I am no longer as tight as I used to be.  I have also gotten headache relief.  Both of these allow me to participate more in daily functions and exercise routines.  

 – Robert Hodges    

I started treatment about two months ago.  I did not realize that my back pain was due to something larger than my posture.  A heel lift and about 20 visits later and I am definitely feeling some relief!  I have a while to go but I am glad to have my treatment started while I am still fairly young.    

 – Taylor Vitt 

The pain in the middle of my back is no longer sharp pain.  The lower back pain is getting better too.  I noticed that I can stand longer and walk more distance before it begins to hurt.      

 – James Hupp

My lower back pain has improved a lot.  My back no longer is sore after every time I exercise.  My neck usually feels a couple of days after my traction.  In general I feel much better now than I did before chiropractic care.

 – Russ Lusby